Our Story


The seeds of Flesher’s success were first sown at Activision, a storied early software start-up that went public during Susan’s tenure as marketing manager. As momentum built around the then nascent movement, Susan was tasked with managing the telecommunications and networking software unit at Regis McKenna Inc, one of the iconic agencies at the center of the tech revolution. Flesher & Associates was founded in 1988 amidst the backdrop of the industry’s golden era, leveraging its strategic relationships and insider perspective in the marketing and communications fields to become the preeminent search agency in Silicon Valley.

How We Work

We work differently than most recruiters, from the way we approach placements to how we structure our agreements. Our close ties with influential companies and elite talent pool is only part of what makes Flesher unique. We won’t waste your time or play the averages, our process is about editing rather than volume. The service we provide extends beyond simply matching skill sets with job requirements. Personality, values, culture, lifestyle—a successful placement has continuity amongst them all. Our job is to consider the bigger picture, helping candidates craft career trajectories and providing companies with comprehensive counseling solutions. 

What We Do

Flesher is a specialty search firm helping the valley’s marketing, PR, and communications vanguard connect. The approach at Flesher starts with a detailed job definition and isn’t finished until the smooth transition aboard is complete. We work with companies of all sizes from the technology industry’s elite, including giants like Google and Apple, but have a special talent for pairing cutting-edge start-ups and VC’s looking for their next all star CMO. Take a look at our portfolio to see who we’ve helped become market leaders.