Flesher’s biggest asset is our talent pool—an elite list of over 11,000 thoroughly vetted candidates. This ever-expanding network of marketing, PR, and communications professionals adheres to an astringent recruitment philosophy. We believe that the intangible side of human resource management is paramount. The importance of extensive experience can't be overstated, but also achieving personal and cultural continuity is what makes lasting and impactful placements. While most firms focus solely on the tactical, we consider the strategic impact of a candidate as well, partnering with organizations to ensure success in the long-term.

Our scale gives us a strategic advantage. As a boutique search firm we are an agile organization, able to glean and react to nuanced changes in the market. That means our clients are the first to know when new names emerge in the industry landscape. One of Flesher’s biggest talents is our ability to bring the passive to the negotiation table. The depth of our network and reputation for high-profile placements elicits game-changing candidates not actively looking for new roles.