We tell our client companies that people are their greatest asset. We live by those words. A brain trust with a finger on the pulse of the valley, our team is composed of highly skilled and experienced recruiters focused on the individual needs of each client.


Susan Flesher

Susan is the founder and President of Flesher & Associates. She launched the company in 1988 during the golden era of Silicon Valley, drawing upon marketing and communications skills gleaned at seminal companies like Activision and Regis McKenna Inc, whose client list included Apple, Intel, and Genentech. Susan is involved at every level of Flesher & Associates, from initial client contact through placement transitions. Out of the office she is a world explorer, music lover, and outdoor enthusiast; ever proud of her accomplished family of three children and husband Jack.      [linkedin]

Dee Bright

Dee grew up in California, and has been cultivating relationships in the Bay Area for more than 30 years. As a Senior Recruiter, Dee plays a crucial role in all aspects of the business and serves as Susan’s right hand. Originally an english lit major, she parlays her love of language and skill for interpreting nuance into successful placements. On weekends she can be found practicing qigong or keeping score of the S.F. Giants game by hand; the only proper way to follow baseball.      [linkedin]

Marilyn Tamura

Marilyn is a New York native who moved to Silicon Valley in 1987. Her early years in publicity and office management have made Marilyn an invaluable addition to the Flesher team. In her role as a Senior Recruiter, Marilyn’s organizational savvy keeps the wheels turning at the firm, maintaining a pulse on the industry with a particular insight into the East Bay perspective. An active mom of two and wine enthusiast, she wears her love of science fiction like a Star Trek communicator badge of honor.      [linkedin]